5 Hours

You are just five hours, five hours away from me Waiting for the ultimate surprise I am looking forward, but there is not much for me So please fast forward don’t rewind I will try to wake up, but it’s white around me Just nothing Well I was there and I told you what it’s…

Finale Exit live prijs, Landgraaf

‘t Ukien, Kampen

Pandora’s doos Unitas Wageningen

Ell Paaso Festival

ZigZag in Weert

Set: sc: Trapdoor* 1. Degenschein 2. Thulian 3. Dilemma 4. Silverfly 5. Driving Insane 6. Trapdoor 7. Weekend 8. Razor 9. Hype 10. Physical* 11. Nothing to say or do 12. Monthymein 13. Fussball 14. Brainstorm* 15. Five Hours Notes: Wat een verjaardagfeest voor Hans! En dat in z’n favoriete kroeg, wat wil je nog…

Moria in Lith


1. 5 Hours
2. Nothing to say or do
3. Monthymein
4. Fussball
5. Thulian
6. Razor
7. Brainstorm*


In a Lith(-tle) village on the outbanks of the Maas… Leuk weerzien met oude bekenden!